The registration table and results board are literally the first and last contact many participants have with your event. Providing a smooth registration process will help your participants get to the start line quickly and smoothly. Once the race is over, the participants are going to want to see where they finished, so they can brag about it on social media. The last thing a promoter needs to deal with on race day is registration or results issues. These are services that Holeshot can provide, freeing the promoter to focus on the other aspects of their event.

Holeshot Events was founded by Mark Walling, a Certified USA Cycling Race Director, and “the most indispensable person in all of NYCROSS these days,” after the 2017 cyclocross season. Mark was the Technical Director for the Uncle Sam Grand Prix two-day race in Troy, NY. For this race, he created the software package that powers what Holeshot is today. After seeing the process and software in action, the promoters of the remaining NYCROSS races asked for his help in doing registration and results for their events as well.

Holeshot Events goal is to help handle the processes of registration and results: before, during, and after your event. This will free you and your volunteers to focus on the creative aspects that make your event unique and an experience for your participants.