CBRCX Series Rules

The CBRCX series is a time based series, where the winner will be determined by the total time for all races.

Standings are based on cumulative time. The maximum time deficit for individuals who start the race will be based on the winner’s raw time plus 6 minutes. The time for individuals who do not start will be the winner’s time plus 15 minutes.

Bonus seconds will be awarded on the first scored lap of 15, 10, and 5 seconds for the top 3 of each category. Bonus seconds will be applied after the time deficit (translation: if you win the holeshot then have a mishap, you’ll receive leader’s time + 6 minutes - 15 seconds).

Series Categories

Series standings will be calculated for each of the race categories. Only the elite categories will have series prizes, the remainder of the categories will be strictly bragging rights.

The following race fields will have a corresponding series category:

  1. Master’s Men 40+ (Cat 1-4)
  2. Master’s Men 50+ (Cat 1-4)
  3. Master’s Men 60+ (Cat 1-4)
  4. Women Cat 4/5
  5. Men Cat 4/5
  6. Single Speed Men
  7. Single Speed Women
  8. Boys U13
  9. Girls U13
  10. Boys U15
  11. Girls U15
  12. Men Cat 3/4
  13. Women Cat 1/2/3/4
  14. Men Cat 1/2/3


Ties will be broken based on the following criteria:

  1. Ties will be broken based on placing in the most recent race.
  2. If this does not settle the tie, the tie will be broken by a sudden death game of rock-paper-scissors.